Geographic Palindromes

Explore the vast reversible world beyond Elba and Panama on the Geographic Palindrome List at! Spellings of place names are limited to those published on maps or in atlases and gazetteers between 1887 and the present.

Enjoy each journey, both ways!

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Bonus Palindrome! (with upper-case P):
Every morning when we wake up in Alaska, the first thing we do is look outside to see if there are any Russians hanging around. And if there are, we ask them, "What are you doing here?" And they always answer: "Brews, nasyaw! Layeht dnae rehgni, odu? Oy! Eratahw mehtk saewer aereht, fid nad-nu or agnig nahs. Naissury 'naerae' rehtfie, esote distu? Oko olsio-dewgnihtts rifehtak. Salani pue, kawew-nehwgnin, romy reve!"
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PDT 25 March 2015