The Taverns of Tombstone

Last month I took little tour of the the taverns of Tombstone, Arizona. During the course of the outing on January 30, I promised three people that I would post my tavern notes on by the end of February. My calendar says it's time to stop procrastinating.

In 1881, Tombstone had 110 saloons. In 2014, it has 10. I managed to visit 6 of them before staggering back to my hotel in a fog of historical appreciation. The ones I missed were Dragoon Saloon and Helldorado because they closed early, Apache Spirit Branch because it was too far away to walk to, and Crazy Annie's Bordelo because it was already locked up despite an OPEN sign on the entrance, a tantalizing red light above door, and three pickups in the gravel parking area. The other six are listed below in alphabetical order. (Note: This tour took place on a Thursday night. Do not try this on a weekend when hordes of tourists descend on the town and dilute the authenticity of its amazing taverns.)

Paul Terpstra, Springfield, Illinois

Updated February 28, 2014